Are you in a nerve-wracking situation in your personal life or business?

Do you wish you could just wake up from this nightmare?

A lot is at stake, and your losses may be irrevocable…

Dr. Sky is Your 911 to

  • Fast track to solutions with minimum collateral damage
  • Emerge more confident, empowered and wise
  • Never face this challenge again

Your First Consultation Will Empower You to:

  • Get instant relief from emotional burdens
  • Uncover the root cause of your current crisis
  • Get clarity on the optimal path to propel you forward
  • Activate new opportunities
  • Outline step-by-step action plan

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A Word from Some Clients

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Dr. Sky had tremendous impact on my life!

I was stuck in a bad relationship for years and kept investing more and more emotionally and financially trying to solve it. I had exhausted my resources trying to make it work.

Dr. Sky helped me break free from the vicious cycle and this toxic relationship and become more confident.

A few months later I met a wonderful woman and we’ve been inseparable for almost a year now.

Dr. J. Wong

Dr. Sky had tremendous impact on my life and was even more effective than Tony Robbins’ coaches.

Three days after consultation with Dr. Sky I met a woman who lives 42 miles away from me. We fell in love at first sight and are dating exclusively. Thank you!

R. Winn Henderson, M.D

As a working professional and a mother in her 40s, I was “stuck,” and I had no idea how to become “unstuck”.
Upon first working with Sky, I had instant relief. My life’s circumstances began to change almost immediately. My family life became “easier”, my work circumstances improved significantly and within the first few months, my income increased by an average of $3,000 per month. Further, I set the intention to go down two dress sizes, and I did it within 2.5 months! Somehow, it wasn’t even difficult.
Thanks to Sky’s guidance, I have been able to free myself from past situations and limiting patterns and to move forward with a joyous life.

Melanie B. – Financial Analyst

I was successful in my business, but I knew that I was not reaching my fullest potential. I flew from Netherlands to work with Sky because I wanted to address my money mindset and remove whatever blocks were holding me back so that my business would truly flourish as well as my creativity. The results of removing this unconscious splinter out of my past was nothing short of extraordinary.When I returned to Europe, my business literally exploded, and I created €50,000 in revenue within a month! The opportunities keep coming my way and now my business grows as never before. Sky helped me gain phenomenal courage that propels me forward.

If you want to maximize your performance and live to the fullest, but feel stuck, confused, or frustrated, working with Sky will give you clarity, save you years of struggle, and catapult you to the new orbit of success personally and professionally. She creates real transformation and it’s a life changing experience!

Lizete Morais – Entrepreneur, Corporate Trainer,

Sky is seriously ‘one of a kind’. Never before, in all of my studies regarding the human endeavor, have I found someone who inspires me to new heights of understanding and peace each and every time she works with me. Her wisdom transcends time and space.Her guidance is gentle, yet pointed and I am truly grateful for this journey with her to my own inner freedom.

Thomas Bähler – Author and Composer – Arranger and Assoc. Producer of “We Are The World”

I am a business consultant and I was struggling with getting new clients. I had the unique opportunity to have a Mindset Clarity Session with Sky. We spent less than an hour on the phone and in that time she enabled me to make a significant mindset shift and realize my clients where already there looking for me. As the result, I enrolled 3 new clients within a week! She has an amazing gift to get to the heart of the issue. I am really grateful to Sky.

Lori Gillikin – Gillor Consulting

Sky offers perspectives that are simple yet divine – her words resonate in my heart long after the session. Every time I ask Sky for advice, she delivers answers that – I feel – must be written down: truthful, clear and compassionate. Somehow Sky has figured out a way to tap into the realm of Universal Truth and draw upon it everything that’s necessary at the moment.

Alex – writer

Sky is definitely the channel of Light… I feel like I was in a dark room and she just turned the switch of the light and illuminated the entire room and I was able to see who I am…

LuzAngela Ospina – Holistic wellness practitioner

Before visiting with Sky, I was struggling with guilt and a damaged inner child. Sky was extremely intuitive in assisting me to relive major incidents in my childhood with Mom and Dad that resulted in major understandings and a healing with them. Today I feel a major release of emotions that have sparked a much more relaxed and assured state of BEING!

Joy O’Neill – Teacher

Sky helped me experience many empowering breakthroughs that have forever changed me for the better. She helps me see things about myself that I haven’t been able to recognize before. Sky holds up an emotional and spiritual mirror, in which everything about my world becomes clear, and I emerge with a more profound understanding of my actions, thoughts and emotions. Sky is a spiritual midwife, who helps me bring forth my most authentic self. She sees right through the excuses, stories, and logic, which my ego puts up in an ostensible attempt to protect me, and addresses the problem at its root.

A. V. – Software Engineer

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