For a compassionate person with strong moral values, like you, it’s natural to get angry when you see injustice. Would it be valuable to learn how to use your anger to create positive change?

Anger is like a holly fire rising to burn and eradicate everything that threatens truth, love and life.

While many people try to suppress it, I invite you to embrace it and use it as fuel to propel you to life you wish for yourself and others.

Many people experience anger as a destructive force because they end up fighting the effect itself and not the cause. As the result, the problem perpetuates, while a person feels exhausted from the fight, discouraged and disappointed that their efforts didn’t bare a desired fruit.

The cause is always internal and the external circumstances are just a mirror of the problem.

Here are examples of a noble causes, which seems to be fair and important, but actually are misleading…

“Racism is wrong, we need equality”

“Women have been abused, they need protection” (aka #metoo)

“Weapons have killed people they need to be destroyed”

“Drugs cause addiction, they need to be forbidden”…

No one in their right mind would argue that these causes are worth addressing. That’s why it’s very easy to gather people in large quantities to support these causes

There is always something or someone to be blamed for the perpetuation of the “cause”…. and here lies a TRAP:

The real problem remains masked while an attack is launched onto something is easy to blame.

Basic logic says:

“Black people get killed by white – white people need to stop

“People die from gun shots – guns are the problem

People suffer from obesity – food is the problem

Women get abused by men – men are the problem”…etc.

Taking a pill may temporarily remove a headache, however, the pill is addressing the symptom, not he cause.

All problems mentioned above as an example, are the outcomes of emotional pain and accumulated trauma, which cause people’s behavior. Yet, it’s overlooked what drives people to act adversely. Instead, there is a resistance rising against the behavior itself, which can merely suppress it, but not eliminate or prevent it.

The Divide and Conquer on a personal level is also hidden:

While people are fighting an EXTERNAL “enemy”, they are in a state of INTERNAL WAR.

An “enemy” is thereby given a power by the very person or people who are fighting against it. And the war becomes self-fueled and self-perpetuated. And even if one “enemy” seems to fall dead, a new army of “enemies” arises.

People are breeding their own enemies while running away from them or trying to wrestle them to the ground.

“What you resist persists” says it.

No matter if which reason is used for resistance and separation, it always creates more resistance and more separation.

Fear creates more fear

A need for protection creates more need for protection

… you get the point

External peace cannot be created by someone who is suffering from the internal conflict…


Focusing on what you WANT for yourself and others yields vastly different results than fighting against what you don’t want.

Giving all of your attention to what you choose and appreciate creates more of it.

The common questions that arise are:

How can we just ignore people’s suffering?

How do we prevent something tragic from happening again, if we don’t address it?

If we forget about the history, then we’re not learning from it…

Consider what if:

Painful experiences were there to create an opportunity to choose?

There was a GIFT in every adversity?

Nothing was wrong with our world or its people?

And whatever you choose to see as “wrong” with the world or people, you’re inevitably co-creating.

This does not mean being meek or a pushover. This means staying in your TRUTH regardless of what others do or think around you.

This means making your choices without disapproving other people’s choices

This means honoring everyone’s right to choose for themselves, even if they choose suffering

And acknowledging that everyone is equally powerful and equally privileged in the eyes of the CREATION. No one is inherently deprived or weaker than anyone else.

When you’re priding yourself with being philanthropic or giving, the Beings who receive your generosity willingly place themselves into a position of perceived disadvantage so that you have an opportunity to experience yourself as kind and generous…. This way both experience mutual care and love through giving and receiving.

If there was no one ready to receive, giving would not be possible

If there were no diseases, healing would not be possible

If there was no hunger, satisfaction from a meal would not be possible

There is duality to everything.

Accepting ALL aspects of creation is an art of ultimate harmony.

What if you and I stood for health, prosperity, safety, kindness, joy, bliss, ecstasy, miracles, freedom, love, and ignored any protests?

Next time you feel like protesting against anything, USE YOUR ANGER to fuel your action towards your desires and dreams, not for fights.

Please share your thoughts in the comments below…