If I Could Explain Who You Are…

I don’t know how to say it,
Yet the Truth needs to be spoken.
Maybe the magic is not in the words
Flowing in a perfect sequence
Suitable to fit into the mold of logic?

Maybe it’s not even in the images
That can be painted in your mind,
For what I need to relate is beyond visible

This Truth is pulsating in your veins
And beats as a heart of an unborn baby
It fuels your enthusiasm
And bubbles as your excitement
It appears as your genius idea
Or the utmost inspiration you’ve ever felt

This Truth is beyond your reflection in the mirror
It is far greater than your accolades
And much more real than your self-image
It is more meaningful than this lifetime
And sacredly healing for your emotional sorrows

The Truth of my message is engraved
In your heart as the light of the Creator
It glistens through your tears
And sounds in your laughter
It smells like the earth
And touches you like a drizzle of rain

The Truth is reflected in the sparkle of a star
And drips as blood from a deadly wound
Of a beast fallen prey to its predator

This Truth grows a colony of bacteria
And interjects a genome of a virus into a cell,
It breaks concrete as a tender sprout
And decays as a fallen leaf on the ground

If I could find the way to speak the Truth of Who You Are
Then the illusion of loneliness and fear
Would disappear in the Light of your Soul
You would re-member the unity of which you are

You could trust your heart and follow its wisdom
You would feel at ease welcoming every moment
And accepting every outcome,
Whether expected or shocking,
As a divine gift, trusting in the perfection of life

You would smile at people’s opinions of you
Whether they’re praising or critical
For you would know that human mind
Is trapped in confusions
You would feel free and relinquish every fight…

If I could explain Who You Are,
You would know my love for you
And YOUR own love for you would be pure and absolute