Dr. Sky Blossoms:  Award-Winning #1 Bestselling Author and Intuitive Coach

With a background in the medical field and nearly two decades of studying psychology and human behaviour, Dr. Sky guides high-performers to resolve relationship and career crisis through Soul alignment and mindset shift.

Born with uncanny Intuitive talent, she helps you uncover the root cause of your challenges and achieve measurable results in record time.

If you are in a nerve-wracking situation, Dr. Sky is your 911 contact to get back to better—fast!

Dr. Sky is an international speaker and a frequent media guest. She has been featured on CBS Radio, Boston Business Journal, Fox News, Bloomberg Business week, and ABC among others.

When not working, you can find her walking on a beach, swimming, hiking, playing chess or dancing Argentine Tango. An avid traveler, she has lived in four countries, speaks four languages, and continues to explore the world.

Are You Done with Struggles and Frustrations?

Dr. Sky can help you uncover and resolve the root cause of your crisis and regain your confidence, clarity, inner peace and freedom.

A Personal Story of Love, Intuition and Triumph

Once upon a time behind the Iron Curtain lived a girl who was clairvoyant. She could foresee the future, knew the things people tried to hide and could even influence others through her thoughts. At first, she played with her powers, but then she got scared of it. When seeing future became too burdensome and she was punished for speaking up, she strongly wished to be “normal.” As the result, she stopped seeing…

But her hands still had magic energy and could take pain away. She still somehow knew how to use plants and other natural remedies for healing.

At the age of seventeen she was forced to leave home and started working on a factory, where mercury was dripping right next to her… literally. Soon after she got married and pregnant. The doctors said that the day she’ll give birth would be the last day of her life. She took the risk…

My mother brought me into this world despite the odds

For generations, women in my family carried knowledge, and special gifts. And I hail from their wisdom. Some of my abilities were apparent early on. Deeper generational memory was activated later, maybe, when I was able to handle the responsibility.

My own life journey weaved through many countries, different vocations, hardships and miracles. I flew high working with celebrities, hosting my own TV show, and appearing on a cover of a magazine. And I fell low into depression, poverty and separation from my family.

If there is anything I’ve learned, is that my power lies in my connection with the Source Consciousness (The Great Creator, God, Universe). My knowledge and skills are merely an instrument through which the Divine operates. True wisdom which comes through me is not from me.

My greatest joy?

When I work with you, to see your face illuminated with new-found confidence and your eyes radiating the Light of your Soul. When you own your power and call me to share how amazing your life is.

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